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March 10th: Lecture – Spies in the Skies

Over 10 000 artificial satellites circle above our heads. About 1000 of these concern classified military satellites, many of these launched by the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). The NRO is the USA’s `unknown` military Space Agency operating in the shades of NASA. Amateur satellite trackers around the word classify these `secret` satellites. Marco Langbroek will explain how and why these satellites are traced, but also what the NRO has contributed to space technology nowadays. Langbroek has been awarded several prices and even has his own asteroid named after him. Come to his lecture at 17:00 in De Sitterzaal. There will be a free borrel afterwards.

12th of Februari: Lasergame night

On the 12th we are organizing a lasergame event in the Snellius building, which will be transformed into an awesome playground by DLF. This event starts at 17:30 and is free to attend! However you need to register and tell us if you want to have food (3 euro), so email us!

11th of November: Lecture on instrumentation of the old observatory, by Hans Hooijmaijers

On Monday 11 November Hans Hooijmaijers will give a lecture for the people of the Sterrewacht. He is a physicist and historian and he currently takes care of the collection of Museum Boerhaave. He recently wrote a paper about the Old Observatory and this is your chance to meet him! On 11 November 17:00 he will give a talk in room C1 of the Gorlaeus building. This will be in English. Afterwards there will be a borrel in the Science Café in Gorlaeus.

We hope to see you there on monday at 17:00 in C1!
(Lecture is in English)

28th of November: Lecture on history of the old observatory, by Sascha Zeegers

This monday there will be a talk about the old observatory and all the interesting anecdotes which happened there during the time that it was used. This lecture is meant for tourguides and people who want to become tourguides, but also very accessible and fun for those who have no interest in being a guide.

We hope to see you there on monday at 17:00 at the Sitterzaal!
(Lecture is in English)

Observing at the Old Observatory

Soon we will host the first information session about observing in the old observatory. Here we will explain the possibilities and let you form groups and work on your projects. Register now to receive an invitation by emailing us.
Stay tuned for more information!

30th of September: Planetarium

On the 30th of September the mobile planetarium will come to Leiden again! You can enjoy the show about the universe for free without even leaving the faculty! So come between 13:00 and 18:00 to HL106/7 and let yourself be overwhelmed by the cosmos!

23th of September: Dinner after Artis

All the students who take the course introduction to Astrophysics will visit the planetarium in Artis on the 23th of September. To ease the pain of the long and tiresome travel to Amsterdam we would like to invite you to dinner afterwards. (First drink is for free.)
[More information will follow]