Tour Old Observatory

L.A.D. ‘F. Kaiser’ organizes tours in the magnificent and monumental Old Observatory in the old centre of Leiden.
The tours in the Old Observatory are done by students of astrophysics. During the tour you get to visit the domes with the antique telescopes, as well as the monumental old building with its rich history and countless anecdotes. On a clear night you may even get to observe with the telescopes!

The Werkgroep Leidse Sterrewacht (WLS), who are responsible for maintaining the telescopes, also organize tours.
More information about the visitors centre in the Old Observatory and about the tours can be found at this website.
You can also send an e-mail to:

Are you studying astrophysics at Leiden University, and are you interested in doing tours yourself? Then join L.A.D. ‘F. Kaiser’! Contact us for more information.